Business Lessons

MENTORING: How To Be a Great Mentor

This week has been Father’s Day. Since my father passed away two years ago, I have realized the importance of having him as a mentor and how important he has been in defining how I am (even physically) and some of the things I like: music, books, history, art, economy and so. My music tastes became eclectic thanks to my dad, who used to listen from classic American rock to

Business Lessons from the Oscars music performances

Last Sunday, (2th March) the 86th Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles, California. I love the music live performances in these awards, this year some of them were fantastic. The element of surprise arose when “20 feet from stardom” won the best documentary award, and the awesome Darlene Love sang a capella “His Eye is on the Sparrow”.   After watching it, I got some business lessons and conclusions from the