What is a customer experience? I would define as customer experiences all the involvements that a person has with a brand. It can entail direct experiences brand-customer, such as directly consuming its products or watching a branded tv commercial, or indirect experiences, such as a comment about a product by a consumer on social media.

Why to talk about festivals and customer experience? Calling “customers” to festival goers does not reduce the experience of a festival to its mercancantilist part? What about the shared experience? I think that the consumption of music is very similar to other experiential activities, such as the consumption of food or fashion. We do consume a certain type as an identity builder, to express who we are or how we see ourselves or we would like others to see us. The products we consume serve as markers of our identity, positioning ourselves in a certain social field or as Bourdieu (1984) would point out, to distinguish ourselves to others.

This post is a brief introduction for the course “Understanding Customer Experience” at Karlstad Business School, Sweden.I am Mariola and I started this blog to write about my interests, such as management and marketing, from the perspective of the music business, although I took a break when lack of time set other priorities. I have gained experience in several positions in the fields of marketing and tourism, and have lived, studied and travelled extensively around the world. Now I am working as a freelance editor and translator, focusing on online content. I have worked as a community manager, so I am familiar with social media. As I have researched about countercultural consumption in my master thesis, I am especially interested in customer experiences in the creative industries, such as food, fashion and music. In relation with this course, and as introduced above, I am willing to learn more about customer interactions.

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  1. Hi Mariola
    Interesting with the music festival angle and the thoughts on shared experiences which in itself is a strong force that tends to grow stronger with the number of people sharing an experience.
    Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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