These days, to increase your band (and brand) acknowledgement, you need to be active on all Social Media platforms. While that may be true, unless your band or your company has a dedicated person, finding the time to maintain every platform you are using can be extremely time consuming.

If your company or band has just set up, and you don’t have a lot of money to devote to a Marketing campaign, here you have some tips to start your own Social Media strategy. Here at The Festivaleros, you’ll find Social Media ideas and analysis of bands’s strategies who have an outstanding success on the Internet.

First of all, you need to pick a few social media networks to rule over. To choose the best platform(s) for your band or brand, take into account the time you have to update and your knowledge of that Social Media networks. You will need to work, read and learn how to make the most out of them in marketing terms, and it takes time to do so.

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. According to a study by Jaime Miguel Tomé y José Carlos Soto Gómez, 62% of the Social Media activity in Spain is done on Facebook. So you HAVE TO create a facebook page as a band or as a brand.

  • Uses: All types of online content, events, ads
  • Post frequency: Once or twice a day

Try not to make your brand’s Facebook page look like an advertisement: Inspire conversations and share, engage with your fans and create new ones. Of all social networks, Facebook is best equipped to linearly share responses to a post asking a question or sparking conversation, so it is very useful to contact with your local fan base. Answers appear in friends of your respondents, spreading the conversation and acknowledge of your brand.
Facebook offers personal connection and an enjoyable distraction amidst the work day, but use typically peaks outside of work hours. If you are a band, it is an amazing moment to share engaging content such as new tracks or videos: people want to enjoy in their spare time. Nevertheless, track the success of your content by date and time to hone in on the best times for engaging your audience.


Twitter is broadly used by individuals, SMEs and the largest multinational corporations. A conversation relevant to your industry or business is occurring on Twitter right now but, are you part of it?

  • Uses: Join and lead conversations; share news and interesting content about your daily work, interact directly with other bands (or brands), companies, and customers
  • Post frequency: Multiple times per day

Twitter Music
Relevancy, personality, creativity and brevity are the keys to making your voice heard.


Instagram is the perfect Social Media for Lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury brands. If you are a band, show your lifestyle and most important moments (recording, touring, presentations and so).

  • Uses: Share visual content, including short videos (less than 15 seconds)
  • Post frequency: Once a day

It’s likely that the best time to target your posts will be during their commutes, nights, and weekends. The same than with Facebook: be fun and engaging!

Use the integrated sharing functions for Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to repurpose your Instagram posts for more shareable media platforms. Include a relevant hashtag(s) to become more discoverable on Instagram and to track engagement across sites where you share the content.


You have to use Google+ if you want to optimize your SEO on Google (so people finds you easily when searching). It will also help you to B2B networking. Keywords and search engine optimization are central to the appeal of Google+. If you want to increase the visits to your page, link often to content on your own website.

  • Uses: Your posts should be more formal and professional than Facebook; Hashtags have major search value
  • Post frequency: Once or twice a day

As Google’s proposed alternative to Facebook, keywords and search engine optimization are central to the appeal of Google+. Link often to content on your own website to direct this search boost where you want it most.


Visual and audio is the best way of marketing your brand or music group.

  • Uses: Short video content works much better than long videos. If you have an excellent music (I am sure you all do), you should better invest in great video and image content. Discover new video artists.
  • Post frequency: Once or twice a week

Day after day, YouTube videos feature prominently in Google search results. What is more, if you are a partner with Youtube, your videos could be a good form of revenue as you get paid per view.


There are also other ways you can market on the Internet: other social media (such as Soundcloud), blogs, streaming services, podcasts, etc. I recommend you not to burden yourselves and use only that tools and social networks you are able to work in daily/weekly.

If you work for a brand, think about using music for marketing purposes. Companies can use music to achieve effective communication with consumers, and expand the sales range. Use the Social Media the same way than a band.

To conclude: Use social media in moderation. Social Media has to be part of your marketing but NOT ALL your marketing: try to be played in the radio, go on tour…